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Vitamin Injections

Many of our ORGANIC and preservative-free vitamins, minerals and medications can be administered through a quick injection!

  • M.I.C. / B-12 * Boosts Energy / Promotes Weight Loss / Improves Liver Function *M.I.C (Methionine Inositol Choline) is a mix of three amino acids that work together to improve liver function. They help metabolize fat, and prevent fat build up in the liver. Vitamin B-12 aids in red blood cell production and promotes brain health. One injection of MIC/B12 can last up to a couple of weeks after treatment.
  • B-12 * Increases Red Blood Cells / Improves Brain Health / Boosts Metabolism *
    B-12 has a key role in the normal functioning of our neurological system and helps in the formation of red blood cells. B-12 provides a boost of energy and plays a key role in the digestion and metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It has also been linked to reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and dementia. One injection of B-12 can last up to several weeks after treatment.
  • Glutathione * Reduces Acne, Sun Spots & Wrinkles / Eliminates Toxins / Anti-Inflammatory *
    Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant, and is naturally produced in the liver. It is known to protect the body against free radicals, peroxides, and heavy metals. Glutathione is incredibly good at removing pollutants such as drugs and alcohol from the body. With regular treatments of Glutathione, you may begin to see results in as little as two weeks.
  • Vitamin D-3  * Increases Bone Strength /Improves Heart Health / Boosts Immune Health *

    Vitamin D-3 is incredibly important in the absorption of calcium in the body. With vitamin D-3, our immune system becomes stronger, our bones are strengthened, and our neurons communicate more efficiently. One injection can maintain healthy levels of vitamin D in the body for up to 4 months.

  • Toradol * Pain Reliever / Reduces Inflammation *

    Toradol, also called Ketorolac, is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Ketorolac works by blocking pain receptors, and reducing hormones that cause pain and inflammation in the body. Toradol can take effect in less than 30 minutes and lasts 4-6 hours.

  • Zofran * Relieves Nausea & Vomiting *

    Zofran, also called Ondansetron, works in the stomach by blocking the chemical signals for nausea & vomiting from reaching the brain. Dosage ranges from 4mg to 8mg, and can take as little as 30 minutes to take effect.

Receive any of the above organice vitamin, mineral, or medical injections by booking an appointment with us today!


Vitamin B5 - Improves Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis - Lowers Cholesterol Levels - Relieves Stress - Promotes Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails


Important in red blood cell production - improves Nervous system, brain, and liver function - Increases Immunity - Promotes Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails, and Eyes


Helps Maintain Energy Levels & Boosts Metabolism - Supports Brain, Heart, & Bone Health - Important for DNA Synthesis

Calcuim Gluconate

Improves Bone Density and Strengthens Teeth - Shown to Prevent / Alleviate Headaches & Migraines - Important in Nerve Function Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory - Detoxify the Liver - Increases Athletic Performance & Recovery - Improves Mental Focus & Clarity

Glutathione Pyridoxine

Vitamin B6 - Improves G.I. Health - Important in Brain Development - Building Block for Serotonin - Helps Balance Blood Sugar


Amino Acid - Linked to Weight Loss & Fat Burning - Prevents Muscle Damage - Increase Muscle Mass - Improve Mental Function

Vitamin D-3

Increases Calcium Absorption - Powerful Antioxidant - Promotes Brain Health - Supports Lung Function Supports Immune System - Helps Reduce Stress, Anxiety, & Depression - Increases Iron Absorption - Aids in Wound Healing - Protects Cells & DNA

Vitamin C

Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
Regulate Protein Synthesis - Natural Muscle Relaxer & Vasodilator - Alleviates Headache & Migraines - Reduces the Risk of Stroke


Combination of Three Amino Acids - Promotes Weight Loss & Metabolizes Fat - Improves Liver Function & Gut Health - Balances Hormones - Supports Cartilage Production within Joints


Non-Narcotic Pain Reliever - Relieves Sore Muscles/Aches/Pain - Lasts Up to Six Hours


Powerful Anti-Viral - Helps Immune & Metabolic Function - Important in Wound Healing & Sense of Taste/Smell


Decreases Nausea/Vomiting


Boosts Energy - Improve Cognitive Function - Renew Mitochondria - Addiction Recovery - Improve Overall Wellbeing - Weight Management - Anti-Inflammatory - Boost Immunity - Increase Collagen