Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine, often referred to as membership or boutique medicine, offers a range of benefits that cater to both patients and healthcare providers. One significant advantage is the heightened level of personalized attention and care that patients receive. With concierge medicine, physicians are able to maintain a smaller patient roster, allowing them to dedicate more time to each individual. This results in longer appointment durations, enabling comprehensive discussions about complex health concerns, more thorough examinations, and the development of tailored treatment plans. Patients feel heard, valued, and empowered to take charge of their health, leading to improved patient-doctor relationships and overall satisfaction.

Another key benefit of concierge medicine is enhanced accessibility and convenience. Patients enrolled in our concierge program will have direct and timely access to Dr. Scott, including after-hours and weekends. If you are out of town, or too ill to come into the office, Dr. Scott can speak with you over the phone or via videoconference. This extended availability can significantly reduce the need for emergency room visits and expedite the diagnosis and treatment of urgent issues. Additionally, his reduced patient load allows for same-day or next-day appointments, minimizing frustrating wait times and ensuring that medical concerns are addressed promptly. For those with chronic conditions, this level of accessibility can lead to better disease management and prevention of complications. Overall, the convenience and personalized attention offered by concierge medicine, contribute to a higher quality of healthcare experience for patients. 

If you value individualized comprehensive health care and direct access to your physician, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Scott today!

Frequently asked questions

Our practice charges an annual membership fee of $2,500. This gives you all the advantages listed above and provides unlimited access to Dr. Scott and his expertise.

Absolutely. This service is for the person who wants to be proactive about their health. They recognize that time is money, so they aren’t satisfied with hours spent on hold only to get a few 20-minute doctor visits per year. They also want to be preventative about their health instead of putting a temporary fix on every small issue that comes up. Rather than waiting until minor symptoms compound into major problems, we’ll address them right away.

If you have a chronic condition, this level of accessibility, availability, and care can lead to better disease management and prevention of complications. We can speed up the treatment of issues so you’re not relying on a walk-in clinic for a quick remedy when an unexpected symptom arises. We can lessen emergency room visits because you’re not waiting until you feel horrible to get help. Additionally, stem cell therapy has been shown to improve a variety of diseases, including auto-immune disorders, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. This personalized care, combined with stem cell treatments, can lead to a huge improvement in your health. 

Definitely. Let’s say you’re on vacation skiing in Vail, and you get a chest cold. You can call me on the slopes and speak to me directly. Not my staff, not an operator, me. We can talk via video conference, too. I’ll send a prescription to a pharmacy near you in Vail so you can enjoy your trip. 

Yes. You will need insurance for any outside testing, prescriptions or hospitalization.

You will have 24/7 access to me, and I’ll take the care and the time to discuss all aspects of your health with you. You’ll be speaking with me directly every time, rather than going through endless cycles of phone tag with waiting room staff and constantly checking in for referrals and prescriptions. If you have more than one issue- and even the healthiest people will- I won’t just tell you to schedule another appointment. I’ll make you a cup of coffee, and you can tell me what’s on your mind.

I’m available for my concierge patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, you won’t have to wait days or weeks for an appointment. You’ll be able to check in whenever you like. 

Absolutely. I’ve been in Colorado my entire life, so I know the best PTs and chiropractors (and which ones to avoid). I wouldn’t send my patients anywhere that I wouldn’t go myself. 

If you have a mild injury, we can help the inflammation with a cryotherapy spot treatment or whole-body cryotherapy treatment. We’ll also take preventative measures during the season to help repair the body as quickly as possible. If you have a bad strain, we can do stem cell therapy to repair the tissue. A surgeon might offer cortisone or narcotics to help ease the pain- but it won’t actually repair the damage that’s been done.