image of a woman receiving localized cryotherapy on her shoulder

Localized Cryotherapy

Localized cryotherapy (or “spot” treatment) is a therapeutic technique that involves applying extremely cold temperatures to a SPECIFIC area of the body. Unlike whole body cryotherapy, which exposes the entire body to cold temperatures, localized cryotherapy uses nitrogen vapors to TARGET a particular body part in need of treatment.

Localized cryotherapy temporarily numbs your pain while reducing the inflammation to your injured area. “Spot” treatments are used for MANY purposes, including:

  • Pain and Inflammation Reduction
    It helps reduce pain and inflammation in specific areas of the body, making it useful for managing sports injuries, arthritis, and chronic pain conditions.
  • Muscle Recovery
    Many athletes use localized cryotherapy to speed up muscle recovery after intense workouts or competitions, it helps to reduce muscle soreness and promotes healing.
  • Injury/Post-surgical Rehabilitation Often used in conjunction with other healthcare professionals, localized cryotherapy can make rehab or surgical recovery easier, more effective, and shortens the time needed to recover.

Relieve your aches and pain today with localized cryotherapy!

Frequently asked questions

Local/Spot treatments can be used in the time leading up to a surgical procedure, it helps to decrease inflammation and pain around that area. Not sure if surgery is the right option? Dr. Scott™ offers a complimentary consultation to anyone who would like to discuss surgical alternatives. Maybe stem cell therapy can work for you… Dr. Scott™ is available to discuss all your health concerns. Book your free consultation today!

We recommend a localized treatment once a day, for  3-4 days in a row, for post injury or surgery and then as needed to maintain relief.

Spot treatments can last 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the area and the stage of recovery of the injury. For example, an acutely injured area will require more time than an area that has been treated previously and is healing. A hand or foot area may require less time because it has less tissue/muscle surrounding it.

If you have a mild injury, we can help the inflammation with a cryotherapy spot treatment or whole-body cryotherapy treatment. We’ll also take preventative measures during the season to help repair the body as quickly as possible. If you have a bad strain, we can do stem cell therapy to repair the tissue. A surgeon might offer cortisone or narcotics to help ease the pain- but it won’t actually repair the damage that’s been done.